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Building Self-Confidence: Blog Chat With “Lovin’ The Skin I’m In” Founder

Hey Lovelies,

Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rhonda Chandler, Founder of Lovin’ The Skin I’m In.

Lovin’ The Skin I’m In is a faith based nonprofit organization devoted to empowering and uplifting girls of color located in N.E. Wisconsin.

You can listen to the conversation above!

The mission of the nonprofit organization is to provide and expose girls (ages 7-18+) with opportunities that develop their talents, gifts and leadership skills.

Rhonda Chandler witnessed her own girls experiencing blatant racism and micro aggressions at school and quickly noticed the lack of diversity in the area.

Chandler’s youngest daughter was in elementary school at the time and older daughter in middle school when they were bullied about their hair texture and skin color.

Chandler knew something had to be done!

Chandler has spent years dedicating her time to building a safe, diverse and inclusive space for these girls in her local community.

Chandler says “It’s crucial for young girls of color to have mentors they can look up to.”

So she met with other mothers whose daughters had similar experiences and built a community to promote self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, self-identity, and self-worth.

Since Lovin’ The Skin I’m In was established in 2015, Chandler has seen an increase of almost three times as many participants involved in the organization now.

She even said that there are multiple parents driving at least 30 minutes out of their way to involve their girls in the conversation.

Chandler host virtual monthly meetings, summer camp, and activities such as painting, gaming, and community service opportunities to encourage friendships and Sisterhood.

She is providing these young girls with cultural education and tools to become future leaders and visionaries.

These girls are being taught to embrace their natural melanin and hair texture. They recognize the power and strength they have when supporting each other and vocalizing their rights.

The girls in this program have shown tremendous personal growth and development and now have the confidence to love and accept who they are and lift up their crown.

Lovin’ The Skin I’m In plans on incorporating even more bonding activities such as gardening, dancing and tour a local beauty school academy.

To learn how to get involved and show your support by donating to Lovin’ The Skin I’m In you can visit: or email

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