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JINYA Ramen (Food Review)

Hey Lovelies,

This may be one of the hottest ramen spots in town! Located in downtown Orlando on Summerlin Avenu, JINYA Ramen Bar offers a contemporary Japanese dining experience perfect for lively social gatherings.

The atmosphere is inviting and fairly chic with black interior flooring and a artificial grass backdrop that is cute AF!

I decided to try the signature JINYA Bun and my friend tried the Impossible Bun. The slow braised pork melted in my mouth with the sweet sauce drizzled on top.

Everything is cooked and made ready to order!

I followed up the delicious appetizer with the Karaage Chicken Ramen. Oh I was I heaven as soon as the steam hit my face!

Photo courtesy of JINYA Ramen Bar.

I’m not the best with chopsticks but somehow managed to slurp up all my noodles lol.

For the coziest seating, I recommend the booths towards the back. Staff service was fairly good but the wait time is a bit long.

It took nearly an hour before our table was ready, so definitely plan on getting there early if you’re going with a large group.

I substituted the spinach for bok choy and it was divine. The chicken is so crispy and tender and they are not skimpy with the portions.

It was the perfect blend of chili sauce, green onion, and egg with seaweed on the side.

I missed the Japanese flavors that warmed my palate and was indisputably satisfied!

I’ll definitely be coming back for more in the future.

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