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Hey lovelies,

I know it’s been a minute since I posted any new content so I wanted to fill you all in on my life lately. And before you say anything yes I did not include any photos or videos on this post like I normally do because I really wanted this post to be authentic and focus on the content. So I’m going to keep it real with you and I’m posting this tonight!

The past few months have been very stressful and overwhelming for me personally. I think as a 20-something there is this societal pressure to be everything all at once and that can be tough. It can be especially challenging post graduation to know exactly how you’re going to accomplish all your goals to get to the top when you haven’t quite figured out who you are yet.

I am guilty of carrying this mentality since I have always been an overachiever. But I am beginning to understand that it’s okay to take a gap year or semester off from school and work to focus on you. Now I want to refocus my energy on demystifying the post graduation slump and hopefully challenge you to do the same.

Regardless of where you are in your educational endeavors, we are all learning new ways to be the best version of ourselves every day. For me that means doing my best to listen not only with my ears but with my eyes and my gut as well.


One thing I realized after graduating early in December is that the learning doesn’t stop when you get that degree. If anything the real lessons are just getting started when you have to think outside the box.

One mistake I made early on with this blog is trying to only focus on one topic or one type of blog when there are so many different ways to tell my story. I learned that everything around you can be used as a learning tool if you allow it to.

I would encourage anyone who is at a loss for inspiration to pick up a book or read a news article and listen to a podcast that speaks to you.

Tap into that energy that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. Also know that the energy you bring into the room shows up in every person you touch and all aspects of your life.

Allow that energy to grow inside of you organically and heal the parts of you that are weak because you are worth it. Most importantly let your passion lead you in new and exciting directions.


For many of us who are post graduates it can be devastating when you don’t land the dream job you’ve been waiting for and suddenly it feels like your friends are lightyears away from you.

Adding to that a global pandemic and it’s natural to feel like you’re a complete failure. And for me I think what truly stopped me from feeling lost is the simple fact that I am still here.

I am still standing in the midst of what feels like a never ending storm I am still alive. Thank God. After listening to a podcast called Straight Up by Trent Shelton where he talks about asking yourself the hard questions I had to take a step back and really think about this: If 2021 was your last year on this earth would you be satisfied?

I’m not satisfied, not yet. If you are that’s great and more power to you but if not what are you going to do to get there?

And more importantly how are you going to get through the setbacks because they are coming if they are not already here and the hard work is just getting started.

I personally had to stop myself from waking up in the morning and just crying in bed. Crying because I had this vision to move into my own apartment by this point in my life and for one reason or another because of finances and where I was in life with my career it just hadn’t happened yet.

But like I said before I am still alive.

When more than 55,000 Americans did not make it through 2020 that is a tragedy.

They died but you get to live, I get to live. So I am telling you right now to give yourself credit for making it this far and unsubscribe to failure. I promise what is made for you will come to pass.


It has been a process for me to communicate with others around me when I need help. I’m still learning how to get better at this.

So many of us are so busy trying to be independent and adapt a “do it all ourselves” attitude that we forget how important it can be to gain insights from the resources around us.

My grandma has been such an amazing supporter, my entire family really but one thing she said that stuck with me is “you have to know how to pivot and change direction as you discover new things about yourself and your life journey.”

Another tool I’ve started to find really helpful more recently is the app called MasterClass. MasterClass is designed to give you access to educational skills through immersive videos from world class experts on a variety of disciplines.

While I can’t speak for everyone, in my own experience I am discovering so much about the writing industry and process through these classes. To gain virtual mentors who not only have mastered the craft you’re passionate about but look like you as well is just so enriching and irreplaceable to say the least.

And I would not have been able to learn as much as I have as quickly as I did if I had been working or trying to do too much at one time.

And let me just also mention that if you can’t afford to take a MasterClass, learn from the people around you friends and family. Read any and all books you can get your hands on. Listen to Audible and podcasts that can be mentors for you too.

So I encourage you to stop trying to find a linear path to success because there isn’t one. Just focus on what’s inside of you and inspiring you and just being in the moment as best as you can.

I don’t know much but I know three things about myself:

I am Educated.

I graduated college Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Multimedia Journalism and I did it in under four years fully online in the middle of a pandemic! That was not easy and I would not advise anyone to do it if they had the choice but this is a real thing I accomplished.

I am Black.

Unapologetically and wholeheartedly. I move through the world and see things through a different lense as a woman of color. I am clothed with strength and dignity by those who came before me. I am claiming space for myself in this world because I do belong in it and I am here to make it better.

I am a Queen.

I hold myself to a higher standing and anyone will tell you to move whatever obstacle stands in my way. So for these reasons I am not a failure and I challenge you to reflect on your values and the qualities that make you who you are and give credit where credit is due.

If you are a postgraduate or getting ready to graduate, leave a comment below!

If you want to learn more ways to channel that energy I talked about, keep an eye out for more challenges!

Make sure to subscribe, I love you queens!

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