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Product Review: What's Your Foreign Frame Style?

Hey Lovelies,

If you know me, you know I love to support black-owned businesses and when I found out one of my college classmates, Gabrielle Brown was the CEO of a One-Stop-Shop called The Empress Trap I was thrilled!

The Empress Trap specializes in selling affordable cosmetics and accessories for everyone’s beauty needs.

I recently purchased my first pair of summer shades from their foreign collection which I ended up wearing on my 21st birthday. The photos were stunning and I loved how fierce I felt wearing them.

I usually have a hard time wearing shades since I don’t normally wear glasses but these were not bothersome at all. They are actually very lightweight on my face and compliment my complexion nicely.

The frames come in a variety of colors from pink, silver, brown, and blue to iridescent. The metal frames are rimless oversized sunglasses with a UV400 PC Lens. They are great for blocking out the sun and the haters too!

I love the fact that they are convenient to travel sizes and come in sleek packaging. Not to mention they have affordable items that I will definitely be trying for my monthly savings challenge.

If you are looking for fabulous summer frames, 3D mink lashes, luxury headbands, custom handbags, or phone cases this is the shop for you!

You can check out their entire collection on their website, leave a comment below, and share your boss look with us!

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