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Quarantine Edition: Gratitude Challenge

Hey Lovelies,

So I recently had a friend who reached out to me for the first time in months and they asked “Could you pray for me?”

There I was about to go to sleep and I stayed up not knowing that they needed me at that moment. They told me they were feeling anxious and they really needed some help.

You see everything in their life was working in their favor but they felt like it was almost too good to be true. That’s when I told them you have to have gratitude for the blessings in your life that were designed for you.

That’s why I felt like it was so important for me to practice gratitude as a monthly challenge. Too often to many of us don’t stop to appreciate what we have and how our presence has purpose.

We say things like “When I make this amount of money, then I’ll be happy” or “When I graduate then I’ll be thankful for all the supporters I had.”

But gratitude doesn’t work like that, gratitude is a spiritual practice that allows us to recognize the good in our lives.

My understanding of gratitude is an appreciation for what you have. You may not always get what you want but you better make sure you’re grateful for what you have.

And when you put positive thoughts into the universe, good things and positive energy come back to you. This is something I’ve wanted to practice for a while and I found the cutest gratitude jar on Amazon.

It came with these little paper hearts and I added some notebook paper to make it last 30 days. I had already found the perfect gratitude challenge on Pinterest.

Honestly, you can write about anything that you are grateful for and stuff it in a homemade jar or box. I like that you can personalize it by writing in a journal or even on your iPhone.

I’m grateful for this challenge because I realize how many people want me to win and that success is all about your perspective.

I’m rich in so many in