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Straight Up By Trent Shelton (Book Review)

Hey Lovelies,

I’m not even going to lie, I am really sad that I finished this book because it was so compelling!

After months of listening to the Podcast Straight Up in anticipation of this book, I was so excited to unwrap it in the mail!

I read through the chapters every morning and looked forward to doing some real, honest, unfiltered, and much-needed self-reflection.



Bestselling author and former NFL player Trent Shelton shares essential life lessons in this inspirational book.

In the book, Straight Up by Trent Shelton,

he brings up some hard-hitting topics and truths about relationships, friendships, fear, depression, and even personal past trauma.

This book elevates the game of protecting one’s peace with self-help strategies and personal development Pep Talks.

Shelton explores the challenges most young adults face and drops some true words of wisdom.

While we can’t always escape our past mistakes and traumas we can learn from them and start to heal as we move forward as Shelton describes in his book.

The inspirational


This book made me face some harsh truths about reality.

I re