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21 Journal Prompts Challenge: Quarantined Edition

Hey Lovelies,

A while back I decided to do another journaling challenge to reflect on my time in quarantine which had its ups and its downs.

Like many people, my social interactions have been limited to face timing my friends for virtual game nights & waving at the grocery delivery people through the dining room window.

I also managed to pick up a few new hobbies such as blogging, cooking, gardening, and remotely volunteering with HOPEFUL Inc. as a marketing and communications specialist.

While I think many of us can agree that coping with the trauma of living through a global pandemic and systemic racism and police brutality is more than any one person (African Americans in particular) can handle. There are still some key life lessons I learned from this time in quarantine.

Here are some of my personal takeaways I wanted to share with all of you!



God is removing certain people and positions and temptations from your life to set you up for success

I realized early on that not everyone can come with me on my career and life journey.

Nor will everyone be accepting and agree with all of my decisions but it is the path I must take for myself and with God alone.

There will be people who tell you you’re not doing enough or you’re not good eno