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Black Girl Call Home By Jasmine Mans (Book Review)

Hey Lovelies,

I finally finished a phenomenal book of spoken word poetry “Black Girl, Call Home,” written and narrated by Jasmine Mans.

I first spotted the Black girl with bold and plastic barrettes pinned in her hair on the book cover in a post on IG.

When I found out it was a book of poems, I was immediately intrigued!

I loved poetry as a kid and I dabbled in writing a few poems myself over the years.

I am a firm believer that poetry is meant to be read aloud to feel its full effect. That is why I decided to listen to it on Audible.

The poetry is so good I had to listen to these poems a second time.

Now let's dive into this review!



Black American poet and artist from Newark, New Jersey, Jasmine Mans delivers powerful poetry that will give you chills.

“Black Girl, Call Home” covers the intersectionality of race, sexuality, home, family, feminism and queer identity and what it means to be a woman belonging and not belonging.

Each poem explores the pain and joys of adulthood living in Newyark and America a queer Black woman.

“This book is a love letter to the wandering Black girl and a vital companion to any woman on a journey to find truth, belonging, and healing.”

The Inspirational


These poems are delivered with such conviction and each word conveys tenderness and awareness.

Every poem takes a deep dive into the heart of a Black woman.

Every line shook me to the core and stung my ears as it rang true.

Mans examines how the nuances of Black girlhood intersect with rape culture, homophobia, and matrimony across generations.