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Quarantine Edition: Faith Challenge

“My faith helps me understand that circumstances don’t dictate my happiness, my inner peace.”

-Denzel Washington

Hey Lovelies! Over the last 30 days, I decided to try a faith challenge that I found on Pinterest created by Sharefaith.

Sharefaith is known for creating cutting-edge Worship Media and Church graphics that equip all ministry platforms to serve and teach with excellence.

The graphic challenge is a combination of 30 different bible verses related to faith, one for each day of the challenge. I took it upon myself to print it out and check each day off as I made progress.

It honestly took me a little longer than thirty days to get my faith back on track. Between monthly workout challenges, school work, interviews for the blog, and book club reviews I needed to clear my mind for a bit.

I first had to define what faith meant to me and set clear intentions for what I wanted to accomplish by doing this challenge. Faith from my understanding is a belief in something that you cannot see but know exists.

After doing some much-needed meditation and self-reflection amid the outbreak of COVID-19, I realized that I hadn’t put enough practice into my faith. I kept looking to politicians, activists, doctors, and nurses for answers to a global crisis when I should have been looking to God.

I had to learn to stop putting my faith in people to bring me out of a situation that was influencing my happiness and find the courage to put my trust in Him.