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Speak Life Over Yourself In 2023

Hey Lovelies,

Let us not forget as we enter a new year that we did not come this far to only come this far.

Even in the midst of achieving my goals which oftentimes took months, sometimes painstakingly long years of discipline to achieve, I could not stop focusing on the failure.

Have you ever had any failures in your life that cause you to question your value as a person?

Have you ever felt like a swan. To everyone looking at you from a distance you are gliding effortlessly above the water, but underneath the surface your little webbed feet could barely paddle fast enough to keep you afloat.

Self-doubt may leave many of us feeling like we are barely floating above water. Those who have self-doubt have a hard time believing that they're capable of what they want to do.

For many it can often lead to frustration, disappointment, self-resentment and negative self-talk.

Self-doubt can be extremely debilitating and even lead to a complete emotional collapse in a stressful situation.

For many who become a victim of the stealthy attack of self-doubt, it can be baffling how one moment you are hopeful and full of energy and the next you are completely drained.

Let's get into 7 positive affirmations to lead you out of self-doubt in 2023.

What Are Positive Affirmations?

Put simply positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts.

The difference between positive and negativity self talk is that positive self-talk makes you feel good about yourself and the things that are going on in your life. But negative self-talk makes you feel bad about yourself and the things that are going on.

According to a study published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, MRI was utilized to discover that practicing self-affirmation activates the brain's reward centers, the ventral striatum (VS) and ventromedial prefrontal cortex (VMPFC).

In other words, these are the same reward centers that react to other joyful experiences like eating a piece of chocolate or winning an award.

How To Do The Work

To achieve positve self-talk you have to do the work. I'm talking standing in the mirror and telling yourself how great you are. Yes it will feel awkward at first but once you start it will pay off.

I'm not referring to simply complimenting your looks or outfit. I'm talking about receiving your blessing.

This work requires you to focus on something you want to change, need to change, or should change.

I don't want nobody to block my blessings, including myself.

I need you to speak positively over that job promotion you've been waiting to receive. I need you to speak positively over establishing a health family dynamic and healing your inner childhood trauma.

I need you to speak positivity about quitting smoking. I need you to speak positively the decision to go back to school.

Let me be clear speaking it into existence is only half the battle, the other part of positive self-talk is enacting change through actions.

The key is to be consistent and start to take small steps. Maybe instead of reciting an entire list of affirmations, try repeating one phrase consistently until you believe it.

Lean on the support of others such as a friend, family member, counselor if you are having trouble with this step. Ask them to name one or more positive attributes you have and write them down!

Make these affirmations your own because they are for you. Don't be afraid to get personal and be specific.

Tools To Take Positive Action

Watch This Everyday - Motivational Speech by Oprah Winfrey is a YouTube video of encouragement you need to watch to fill your cup!

Healing Through Yoga and Meditation is a Educated Black Queen Podcast episode you need hear to get in touch with your inner self!

31 Daily Affirmations To Improve Your Mindset is a powerful article you need to read to help you work towards a positive mindset!

Benefits of Positive


Positive affirmations have been shown to help reduce stress to an extent of helping people regain confidence.

When someone uses positive affirmations repeatedly the brain’s reward centre, and that, in turn, makes us happy and more positive about things – helping us reduce the stressors around us.

Using positive affirmations as a means of showing self-love can help strengthen your relationships building with others. By being positive, you will raise your self-esteem, and this will, in turn, boost your relationship to a higher level.

The energy you release is what is given back to you. So if you release positive energy into the atmosphere then that is what you will receive.

Being positive doesn't mean that you have to agree with everything that other person does, it just means that you accept them for who they are, and you accept their attempts at trying to better themselves.

Positive affirmations can help to boost mental wellness and cultivate mental fitness. This is not a one time exercise to only practice during Mental Wellness Month, this is a lifestyle choice!

My Positive Affirmations

  1. I am known. I am seen. I am chosen to do great things.

  2. I am free from fears control over me.

  3. I am greatly loved.

  4. I will release pain and step into my power.

  5. I am empowered to witness miracles in my home, in my relationships, in my work, and wherever I go.

  6. I am worthy of liberation.

  7. I am who God says I am.

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