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What I Learned At 21

Hey Lovelies,

I’m turning 22 tomorrow and with that being said this past year has been one of the most reflective years I’ve had yet.

When I turned 21, I gave you all 32 lessons I learned during my 21st year of life. Although this year has been a challenge that I could go on and on about I am going to spare you with a lengthy list and instead just sum up everything I’ve learned thus far.

One of the few perks about being 21 is knowing you‘re in the sweet spot of becoming an adult and you still have room to grow.

You’re not a little kid anymore having to ask your parents permission to go out with friends or being forced to wake up for school anymore but you still have so many first left to experience.

Like your first real job, first apartment, starting a family when the time is right.

Turning 21 has been a humbling experience and not just because I get carded at bars now.

This year taught me that when you’re progress doesn’t look like anyone else’s that doesn’t mean you aren’t making any.

Just like the payment plans you make on your phone your blessings in life also come in installments.

As I have said before you can’t do everything all at once, at least not all by yourself and THAT’S OKAY!

It took me some time to learn that lesson but as I am progressing to 22 I realize that I have more good years ahead of me than behind me.

This year alone I reclaimed my mental health, found my voice as a blogger, found love and acceptance within myself, gave back to my community through volunteering, and graduated college.

I am thankful for my family who grounded me and my faith that kept me strong.

I can’t wait to see what 22 will bring!

There are a few nonprofits in my local community and beyond doing amazing work to help others.

This year I’m asking my followers & subscribers to donate and support these causes as my birthday wish!