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Where To Begin by Cleo Wade (Book Review)

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Hey Lovelies,

I am a sucker for good poetry and this book made my day so much brighter!

After Hurricane Ian and Nicole, I am starring to say yes again.

In a encouraging collection of poems, mantras and illustrations you'll be moved to not only practice self-care but also social justice.

This book demonstrates how to show radical empathy, choose kindness and heal ourselves and others in the process.

It reminds us how to cherish the small moments and stay connected to hope during difficult moments so that no matter what, you still have the power to show up and effect positive change.

Now let's dive into this review!



Our world is made up of so many small moments, it only takes one small act to create a wave of change.

This heartfelt collection of poetry instills a readiness to be a part of building a society rooted in love, acceptance, justice, and equality.

Cleo Wade's "Where To Begin" allows you to see the lens of someone finding there way in this world in a relatable way.

Wade evokes you to cultivate self-reflection that is fruitful and healthy.

Wade encourages others find their power -- and use it. Her words shine like a beacon of light in a dim tunnel.

The Inspirational


What resonates the most with me about this read is that change making starts with all of us and no act is too small.

I only wish there was more to dive into. I could not stop hanging on to every word.

Wade challenges us to see the beauty in vulnerability instead of trying to run from what's wrong in this world (racism, prejudice, discrimination, etc.) we must face it head on.

She uses analogies to describe how social constructs of hierarchy are designed for the sake of power to alienate us.

Rather than follow this hierarchy we can find power in healing conversations using softer language and positive energy that is less judgemental.

I am still learning how to talk with the people I care about without the mindset I am always right and everything they say is wrong.

I'm learning to see people not only as they are but see them through all the phases of their life and not give up on them.

I have to remind myself that healed people don't walk away from tough conversations and dismiss others when they have disagreements.

Healed people are brave enough to care about others and not throw the towel in. More importantly we have the power to lessen someone's suffering with our kindness.

I am starting to say yes, how can I help to family and friends. Listen more than I talk when they tell me and be generous with my time.

Most importantly I recognize that I can't do everything all at once on my own but I can do something and that is enough.

Five Inspirational Quotes

"We have the power to lessen someone’s suffering with our kindness."
"Get to work on what you can with what you got, where you are in your own way."
"You deserve your healing feast on it."
"There are times when we must speak not because we are going to change the other person but because if you don’t speak they have changed you."
“You didn’t come this far just to come this far."

Have you read Where To Begin?

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