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5 Ways to Commit to a Healthy Lifestyle

Hey lovelies,

I recently decided to virtually meet with a lifestyle coach who helped me start to change some of my unhealthy habits. These habits included but were not limited to an unbalanced exercise routine, lack of sleep, lack of nutrition, and a lot of overthinking. 

After trying time and time again to change these unhealthy habits on my own and setting unrealistic expectations for myself ultimately I kept feeling defeated. Every time I fell short of reaching my full potential I wanted to give up.

I wanted to be in control of everything so much so that I pushed myself too hard too fast leaving no room for growth. Sound familiar?

I realized that it was time to reevaluate my own goal setting strategies and start anew. One of the many benefits of committing to a healthier lifestyle is that it helps you stay motivated longer and slay the day. 

Personally, I decided to challenge myself using the FitOn mobile app that is designed to help you reach your personalized fitness goals, give you healthier recipe ideas, and share your achievements with friends for free! 

What I love about the app the most is that you can go at your own pace and workout in the comfort of your own home. I spent half the month doing pilates three days a week instead of dragging out five so I’d be less exhausted. 

When it comes to committing to a healthy lifestyle regardless of what your individual goals may be, you will definitely feel more confident, relaxed, and rejuvenated by following the tips below.

These tips will help you to start taking steps toward building a healthier you for a life of long term satisfaction. 

Here are my top five tips for committing to a healthy lifestyle!

Decide What Behavior You Want to Change The Most

We all have experienced one bad habit or another that we may need to change. I’m encouraging you to start by choosing one unhealthy habit you really want to change the most. 

Then ask yourself why it is so important to make this change? 

What are you going to accomplish by doing so?

How will reaching this goal improve your life? 

The hardest part is getting started but once you do it can make a world of a difference. It all starts with one change that leads to another and then before you know it you develop a whole new mindset. 

And remember during those times when you feel like giving up that you already won just by getting started and be sure to remind yourself of those goals you are setting from the beginning that will make a huge difference. 

Be Specific and Intentional With Your Goals 

The one thing that jumped out at me when I was setting up goals for myself is that they had to be specifically designed for me.

How often do you want to practice this behavior?

Maybe doing it every day is too much for you so you decide to do it every week or start with a few times a month.

Set reminders for yourself and write them down in a planner or on a calendar to stay on track. 

You can be even more specific and decide when you are going to practice this behavior.

Ask yourself, do I have a few extra minutes before I get ready to start my day?

Is this something I can do before or after breakfast? 

Or can I set aside ten minutes before bed to develop these healthier habits? 

If you are going to pursue these goals you have to be intentional about them and set a time frame. 

Have An Accountability Partner 

Making behavior changes consistent can be hard for anyone but you don’t have to do it alone. There is always a way to gain support from others who really care about you. 

Through this process, I found it so comforting to get support from family members who encouraged me to keep going.

It was especially helpful to hear motivational words for my dad in the form of text messages and phone calls. 

Even if your support system is not living in the same household as you or isn’t a close relative there are people who do care about you.

Ask yourself if there is a friend you can call?

Or a neighbor you could ask for support or a group chat you can join to build up your confidence and make a change today. 

You will feel so much better when you have a team of people who you can count on to be there with you during this process. 

Make a Commitment Letter 

One thing that I found really helpful when committing to a healthier lifestyle was creating a commitment letter. It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to express your intentions and the behavior change you plan to make. 

You can type the commitment letter and then print it out to look at as a reference. Here is a commitment letter template below that I found useful through my journey. 

Make sure to write down the specific times and actions you will do to achieve this goal. 

Speaking about these habits aloud and acknowledging and accepting the changes you want to make will give you the strength needed to make the change happen. 

Take Photos Showing Your Progress

This part is probably the most fun when committing to a healthier lifestyle. As a holistic lifestyle blogger, I find that taking photos or videos of your progress can be rewarding. 

You can save the images you capture when trying out new workouts or recipes for example and make a scrapbook! 

If you’re not so photogenic another option can be to journal your feelings throughout the process and then look back to see how far you’ve come. 

Just make sure you’re setting goals at a pace that is comfortable and realistically attainable for you. Remember that as long as you are trying to make those goals into habits that is a win!  

Ready for another monthly challenge?

Looking for more ways to implement healthy habits?

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