Strategies For Developing a Holistic Lifestyle All Black Womxn Should Hear

Hey lovelies,

So a while back I had the pleasure of interviewing Catherine Spriggs, a Purpose & Lifestyle Coach based in New York City. Her purpose is all things related to wellness, coaching and empowering women to find meaning in their professional lives.

Together we dive into all things holistic including some benefits of acupuncture therapy meditation and journaling. As well as ways to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem manage stress depression anxiety relationships to cultivate more self love and a growth mindset.

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Reminder this blog is not a replacement for speaking with a licensed mental health professional or therapist.

You can find the full Transcription of this conversation audio linked below.


Destiny Harris(Interviewer) AKA Educatedblackqueen: “So my first question to you cause I know that I was reading through your website and I saw that you’re from New York.”

“And that you kinda had your own I guess breakthrough moment where you realized that like the way you were living, you know that there were some changes that need to occur and you wanted to find more of a holistic way of being.”

“So you found your purpose in coaching wellness and empowering women to Linda just find that in their own personal lives and professional lives as well. Which I think is just really cool.”

I wanted to just ask if you could first talk about that like your experience finding a holistic way of being and what that really looked like for you?

Catherine Spriggs (Interviewee)- Holistic Lifestyle Coach: Absolutely. So I actually moved to New York three years ago, I’m actually from the Midwest. If you think about the Midwest it’s kind of completely different from New York you know.”

“When you think about New York it’s kind of hustle and bustle, it’s go-go-go and when I came here you know I was like very overwhelmed. You know it was a new city for me”

“I came here and I was working in the HR Industry and I took a job that I completely hated and I was burnout every single day. I was working 12 hour days. I was waking up super unfulfilled. I was very unhappy and I noticed it bleeding into other parts of my life.”

“So I moved in with my boyfriend and I would come home every single day and I would talk to him about my job. I would tell him how unhappy I was. I started not taking care of myself.”

“So I have always been involved in sports and as soon as I got to New York and took on this job, I stopped working out. I did not eat right. It affected my sleep cause I was always stressed out and overwhelmed with work so then I didn’t get a good amount of sleep either. So I noticed it trickling into other areas of my life but I didn’t realize that at the time.”

“And so I just kept trekking on with life and finally I was like ‘I can’t do this job anymore’ so I quit. I went into another job and it was the same thing. So I job hopped a couple different times and finally I said I can’t do this anymore. I’m just not passionate about this and I’d just wake everyday just super unfulfilled and depressed and empty almost inside.”

“Finally a little bit before the pandemic I said enough is enough, I don’t want to do this anymore and I started brainstorming what other things I’m passionate about.”

“And wellness came to mind and I’ve always tried to live a healthier lifestyle like prior to me moving to New York. I would always be that nurturing person for my friends. I would always give them advice. They would always come to me like just for my thoughts. They actually called me mom.”

“Like they would look up to me just as like this mother and so I always tried to live this healthier lifestyle for myself. And so I was like I definitely want to do something within the wellness industry but I didn’t know what exactly.”

“So I continued to brainstorm, and I took actually this career personality finder quiz. It actually gave me a lot of my strengths and challenges and this light bulb moment kinda went off for me.”

“And I started doing research and I came across this holistic wellness coaching certification with the IWP which I’m doing right now. It talked about the holistic approach to looking at life and I was just like OMG YES THIS IS IT!”

“I didn’t really need to look at other certifications or other outlets. But I did anyways because I just wanted to make sure that I was making the right decision and I just kept coming back to nope the holistic wellness certification, the IWP is the one I want.”

“It was the most expensive one but I knew that I would be getting my money’s worth with it. I knew that I would be educating myself and getting everything I need the support and everything. So I signed up for it and now I’ve been seven months into getting my certification.”

“I’m literally a couple weeks away from getting certified which I’m super excited about. But to answer your question what does living this holistic lifestyle means to me, it’s really looking at your lifestyle and going what is out of balance for me?”

“And that’s kinda what I did for myself. I noticed that my purpose for example was out of balance. Right because I was waking up everyday feeling empty inside, unfulfilled and then I noticed it leaking into other areas. Right with my relationship with my boyfriend and then with myself and then my sleep.”

“So we can kinda look at the holistic approach as like a wheel, there’s twelve elements. So not just your career, not just your relationships, your body, your rest, the water you’re drinking, the food that you’re eating and putting into your body, the air, the sun.”

“All of these twelve elements make up a person and you can kind of tell what’s out of balance for me. If one portion of your life is out of balance it’s likely affecting other areas. So that’s kinda like what this holistic approach is, it’s looking at not just your body you know working out but what other elements are causing you to be out of balance.”

DH: “Right, I think that’s a really interesting way to look at it cause I hadn’t thought about it as a wheel. There are so many areas of your life where that can be affected without you even realizing it.”

“I think you know now I’m starting to kind of see those connections more. I think because before covid even when I was on campus and I was working and doing classes full time and apart of other organizations it was always like go-go-go.”

“And I was just doing things and it never really liked dawned on me that this is like affecting the way I’m sleeping. This is affecting what I eat you know if I’m rushing just grab a meal real quick, you know this affects my social life as well. So it really does tie into everything.”

“And when I came home it was like everything kinda paused and it was almost like shocking cause your just so used to doing things. It was almost like my mom was like telling me like it’s okay like you can be calm now.”

“You know just be in the moment. It really took me quite a bit of time to just like come to grasp with that.”

“And like I think a lot of people now experiencing covid have been trying to find that motivation outside of work, outside of the regular busy life that were so accustomed to you know just doing this, happen immediately to now okay we have to kinda sit back and wait and just pause.”

“It’s a completely different experience I think and you’re focusing on those aspects of yourself that maybe you’ve neglected in the past.”

CS: “Exactly.”

DH: “I think moving forward too cause I think about the fact that I’m graduating this December with my Bachelors Degree in Multimedia Journalism”

CS: “Congratulations.”

DH: “Thank you so much”

CS: “It must feel so good.”

DH: “Yeah. It does cause I’m graduating early so it’s an added bonus.”

CS: “That’s amazing.”

DH: “But yeah I think that aspect, you said of your professional life that’s something that me and my other colleagues and friends we talk about that.”

“Were just like, do we wanna you know go into this industry cause we know how hectic it can be and how busy it is. And time consuming and there’s so many different stressors I think that occur.”

“And we’re just like we wanna find even like my friends who are not in my major, we want jobs that we can be passionate about and feel fulfilled with.”

CS: “Right.”

DH: “I think that in every job there is value that comes along with it.”

CS: “Sure.”

DH: “It does prepare you in different ways to be able to do the work that you’re doing as your going through the classes and learning and studying.”

“For me personally I think that I would definitely want not just a job but a career where I can not just do work not just for the financial aspect but also do work that’s fulfilling and gives me purpose.”

CS: “Yes!”

DH: “So many times we overlook that and think if we work this many years or do this job then will eventually will get there. But it’s like what can we do now to really have that already and be happy about it?”

“So I think that shifting that mindset, I think that’s one of the things you specialize in. You know how we move and come into that mindset of being where we’re like okay we’re going to take this opportunity now to do this instead of waiting and prolonging that stress and things like that?”

CS: “Yeah. I think you know mindset shifting is something that takes time, it's not something that is an overnight thing. People are like ‘oh you’re such a positive person, you just wake up and your positive!’”

“That’s not it at all. Like it’s definitely something that’s practiced because our minds have been wired to think a certain way. Obviously for example I’m 31 years old. I’ve been thinking this way or having these thoughts for 31 years.”

“You know how long it would take me to re-wire some of the negative beliefs that I have about myself? That would take so long.”

“So it’s first of all being patient and just being like okay if you do have a negative thought acknowledge it and go ‘okay how can I shift this into thinking differently’?”

“For example ‘I’m not smart enough’ right like that is something a lot of us might say to ourselves. Well go back to your accomplishments, go back to the things you have achieved.”

“You obviously are smart enough because you’ve done A,B,C,D. Like write down all your achievements. So that’s just an example of something that I’ve struggled with is self-loathing beliefs and everyone has self-loathing beliefs.”

“Whether it’s I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough, or whatever it is we all have them. And it’s just kind of rewiring our brains to thinking a different way and it takes time like I said.”

“But it’s also being mindful of them and coming up with different strategies into rewiring our brain and looking at when it does come up what’s something I can do to shift that?”

“So that’s something that I do with other women in my program. That’s something I do with myself and I have my own coaches.”

“Like I am all for people should have coaches, people should have therapists like we all need that support because we can’t always do all these things on our own.”

“I definitely have my own personal coaches as well because I have some rough days just like anybody else does.”

“So it’s good to have support when some of these things do come up.”

DH: “Yeah I’m happy that you mentioned that as well as far as having a support system in place. I think so often especially in our culture we try to do things ourselves. Or we limit what we can do or what we believe we’re qualified to do. And we compare a lot of the times different things that we have or that we lack that other people have.”

“And I think that if we take a moment to really reflect on like you said what achievements we have done and what we do possess in ourselves then that kinda takes some of that stress and negativity away and off of us.”

“And we’re able to put more positive energy out into the atmosphere. And we’re able to know when we’re believing in ourselves and supporting ourselves we can then support others. The way that need to be supported.”

“I think it all kind of trickles down and manifest in different ways and I’m happy that you said you have other people that you can rely on and talk to as well.”

“I think during this time for me it’s been kinda hard to talk to my family sometimes about some of the things I’m going through. While I think that they’ve done a great job of supporting me my entire life and so respect them you know in everything that they do, sometimes it’s hard to them go back and criticize certain things that might be negative.”

“There are those thoughts in your head and you don’t want to kind of offend or perpetuate that negativity. And project it onto them.”

“And so having someone else you can talk to a lot of times. I have started talking to a therapist and also talking to my friends outside of my household.”

“I think in my personal experience, it was always something I wanted to do was to talk to somebody but I never like sat down and looked into going to see a therapist or seeing someone.”