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Health and Wellness Tips To Make Your Life Better

Hey Lovelies,

This month I sat down and chatted with Health and Wellness Coach and Author of "Expressive Beauty," Kamilah Wallace about her fitness journey, training, and coaching.

To hear the full conversation you can listen here on Spotify!

Kamilah shares what motivates and drives her interest in health and fitness. She emphasizes working towards building a foundation to a healthy life and a body structure you are proud of "This is something I make a priority to take an hour out of my day to workout."

The underlying factor to creating a fitness mentality is long term is making yourself a priority and dedicating time to put your health first. Taking time for self-care and mindfulness is so important.

Fitness is a lifestyle choice.

Another factor Kamilah highlights is that your mental and physical health must be in alignment to function properly. Your fitness journey may look different from someone else's and that's a good thing because the only limit you have is the one you place on yourself.

Let's normalize removing the negative connotation that fitness training for women specifically means that you will become bulky and have huge muscles.

Fitness is for EVERY BODY!

Regardless of if you're lifting heavy weights or not doing something as simple as walking around the block can transform your health in major ways.

According to the American Heart Association the recommended amount of physical activity for adults is to "Get at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity, or a combination of both, preferably spread throughout the week."

Let's think about that for a moment. If you divide 150 minutes by 7 days per week that's roughly 21 minutes a day.

Everyone can find 21 minutes a day to take a walk or run or do yoga!

Think about it, when you're watching tv or waiting for your clothes to finish washing in the dryer. What can you do differently?

Kamilah emphasizes that the only way to learn is to grow. Get educated and take imitative when it comes to your health and what works best for your body by speaking to a fitness trainer and health and nutrition specialist.

When you obtain a deeper understanding of your health you are able to elevate to the next level. Through this process I've learned to ask myself the necessary questions to understand myself and give myself grace when I don't reach my target goal.

Take time to appreciate the little things you can do even if it's not twenty minutes but maybe only five minutes starting out. Celebrate and find that joy in the process!

Make sure to listen to this podcast during your next workout! To find out more about Kamilah Wallace you can visit her website.

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