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Body Dysmorphia: Unfiltered

Hey Lovelies,

I recently got a chance to speak with Licensed Psychologist and Wellness Coach, Dr. Shelly-Ann Collins Rawle about body dysmorphia and body image.

To listen to the full discussion you can listen on Spotify here.

Dr. Shelly-Ann is originally from Jamaica and works with an amazing mental health private practice called The Black Girl Doctor! She is currently based in California and primarily focuses on racial, gender, college and sexual minority mental health.

The Black Girl Doctor is a boutique therapy practice tailored to Black women specializing in the mental health and wellness of women with highly skilled psychologists committed to ensuring that those who chose to lead our communities do not have to sacrifice happiness while fulfilling the calling on their life.

The Black Girl Doctor is completely virtual, confidential and affordable counseling with absolutely no traffic, no parking and no drama!

​To learn more about The Black Girl Doctor and book a free consultation you can visit their website,

We had an unfiltered discussion about a range of topics related to the body image including the ideology behind body image, difference between eating disorders and disordered eating, social media influence, Brazilian Butt Lifts (BBL), plastic surgery, and much more.

We also addressed the social conditioning some kids may experience from their parents that can be a result of past traumas our parents experienced as kids.

One of the main pieces of advice Dr. Shelly-Ann shares for combatting negative thoughts about individual body images is create a plan to cope and to "challenge it with facts and think about that possibility that maybe you are not as unattractive as you think."

Practice gratitude, positive affirmations, journaling, other coping strategies such as therapy and prescribed medications can be helpful in this process.

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