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How To Prepare For Joy

Hey Lovelies,

Oftentimes, it’s easy for us to forget that we still have so much to look forward to.

Especially after a year of health crisis, economic crisis, housing crisis and political and social unrest it can feel nearly impossible to stay positive.

We are often so busy preparing for the worst that we forget how to celebrate the best!

Many times we overthink our successes so much so that we can't enjoy them in the present moment. Or we save our joy only to be seen by others during the holidays like at Christmas time.

I think it’s time to start preparing for joy and stop living in fear.

Here are a few tips on how to do just that!

Change The Voice In Our Heads

Rather than telling ourselves we will never be good at learning a new skill or job we are pursing or won't have the time lets change the voice in our heads.

We find the most joy and peace within ourselves when we can turn negative thoughts into positive forward thinking.

I've touched on reinforcing positive affirmations into your daily before. Now I am encouraging you to think differently about how you show up for yourself and for the world at large.

Are you going to continue to tell yourself, "They'll never give me this opportunity" or are you going to think, "This opportunity is already mine and I owe it to myself to find joy in it."

Don't let self-doubt stop you from being the best version of yourself.

Show Up Anyway

Don’t spend a lot of time worrying if something good will happen just show up and anticipate that it will.

I know I can get impatient myself, but even when you are tired of waiting or scared of messing up show up anyway. It can feel impossible in the moment but the waiting room isn't a punishment. God is positioning you to receive the fullness of your request.

You have to stay in position.

Put your best foot forward and claim your joy. Your past season does not make you less deserving of blessings in your life even if you are not fully healed you are worthy of love, joy and every blessing that is coming your way.

Organize As If It’s Already Done

Don’t deprive yourself of joy by giving up so soon because you don’t have all the answers right away.

Instead get organized as if it's already done. For example, before a major test, lay out time to study and review the material.

Before that job offer is made, plan out what you are going to wear on your first day. Before you run that race, practice and train everyday like you already won.

It's a whole lot easier to trust the process when you have a plan in place. Get creative and chalk up a vision board or make a spreadsheet!

Appreciate The Little Things

No achievement of success is too small. Its great to celebrate promotions, anniversaries, and graduations but don't wait for the big moments to start having joy.

You can also find joy in the little things like listening to the ocean waves or enjoying a hot cup of tea.

Celebrate your small wins just as much as the big wins. I've touched on counting your blessings in past videos and showing gratitude in everything that you do.

Allow yourself to smile when you read a chapter of that new book or finish cleaning up the kitchen. Try writing down three things that bring you joy everyday.

Life is too short to not embrace joy in everything we do.

Have a Backup Plan

In case things don't go as planned establish a backup plan to give yourself a security blanket.

For example, if for some reason you are not offered that job position you so desperately wanted create a list of other company's you'd love to be apart of and keep it on hand so you can narrow down your focus.

Or if you don't get in to your dream school consider other universities that offer the educational needs you desire and stay up to date with the application deadlines.

There is always an alternative way to reach your goals you just may have to be more patient and flexible when pursing them.

Lean on others for support, you'll be surprised how much they can relate to what you are experiencing.

Pursue Your Purpose

Don't be afraid to do what you love even if you're not sure where to start or where the money will come from. Pursue your purpose anyway.

Whether you start out doing these activities voluntarily or on your own just start doing them and joy will follow. But if you're too busy trying to work a job you don't like or pursue a career that's not your calling to make other people happy then you'll never have any inner joy for yourself.

The more you try to deny yourself of joy, the less of yourself you are being.

The positive feelings that come from doing the things that bring you joy can help train the brain’s neurons to overcome its negativity bias.

So listen to the inner joy that's calling out to you.

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Dean Russell
Dean Russell
Oct 02, 2021

I'm one of your followers on the gram, @mrdeanr2021 yoooooooooo, I loved this. Re-imaginging ourselves, how we move, what a powerful concept. We do spend so much time preparing for the worst, we save money for a rainy day, we have plan B, the pill, but nothing planned for when something good happens, this is so true. Not just manifest it but start preparing for it in real life. This blog post taste gooooooood educated black queen, time to apply some of this, write on, write on

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