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My Very First Vlog: Revealing My Biggest Mistakes

Hey queens! A few weeks ago, I filmed my very first vlog and it actually turned out better than I anticipated. You can check out the full video below!

When I got my first assignment for my video production class, I did not expect the professor would tell us to “pitch ideas for your own vlog and share them with the class.” The process of “vlogging” was completely unfamiliar to me and almost felt like a foreign concept.

Vlogging is an art form of videography that gives the audience an inside look at who you are. A vlog is designed to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas with an audience.

That night I stayed up watching videos of Kylie Jenner and other ordinary college students like myself documenting their daily routines. Needless to say, it was crazy for me to learn how many people were fascinated by random people sharing their "Day In The Life" routines.

But sure enough, I found myself spending more than eight hours of my day doing the exact same thing and then some. I decided to record a variation of shots from wide shots to close-ups and fast motion shots were my favorite.

I used an app called Premiere Rush which is so convenient for converting and editing videos. On Premiere Rush you can add voice overs, transitions, music, and so much more! I had gotten a little familiarity with using Adobe software when I reported for our student media group at Florida Atlantic University, Owl TV but this was a totally different learning experience.

I ended up documenting my morning routine which included my skincare routine, healthy breakfast/snacks I incorporate into my diet, and a snippet of a workout from my monthly fitness challenge. In the past, I did a monthly squat challenge but never incorporated a glute band before. Let me know below and in the comments, if you want to see another monthly fitness challenge or have any recommendations!

My first rough cut was definitely rough. I realized I was whispering at one point and you could barely hear anything I was saying because the music was too loud. I made the mistake of trying to lower the music without cutting it first which changed all of the b-roll.

I then panicked when I added a premium feature without paying for it and didn’t know how to undo it. So I wouldn’t have been able to upload the video to YouTube or export it anywhere else if I hadn’t taken the time to mess around with the software. I advise anyone starting to vlog for the first time to get familiar with the software and make some rough cuts first.

Most of the vlogs I had seen were roughly 15-20 minutes long and my final edit for my class had to be under five minutes! This definitely had me stressing during the editing process but luckily it all worked out.

Here are a few vlogging tips: